Philosopher Jawdat Said, little known in the West, has been propagating a vision of Islam free of violence for the past 40 years. His books have. In Brief. Jawdat Said is an influential cleric and an advocate of non-violence. He has had a great influence over demonstrators in many areas. Jawdat Said is a prominent contemporary Islamic scholar noted for his theory of nonviolence. Born in Syria’s Golan Heights, Said was educated at al-Azhar.

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His son, Bshir Said, 35, is also returning home with his father. Jordan and the influx of refugees The true Samaritans. Said discussed nearly all the main topics of his world, he talks in this book about nonviolencehistorylanguageQuran, science and knowledgeknowledge and Powerthe prophetic concept to change, Jihadthe two ways to read Quran, Arnold J.

Still, his return is widely anticipated by many jawdta who say there is a dire need for well-respected figures to play a visible role inside iawdat country.

Jawdat Said and Islam as a Violence-Free Religion – Ikhwanweb

Said also stressed the importance of the Algerian writer Malik bin-Nabi who died in and his book, “The Conditions of Renaissance. For The Lord Your God is Benevolent,” Said supports his view of an Islam free of violence by developing an important approach to the interpretation of the Koran. But how does Said explain the other verses of Koran that call the faithful to battle? Then, because of ignorance about the causes behind these illnesses, plagues swept through communities, leaving millions of dead behind.


Humanity’s unity should come as a natural birth and not as the result of a cesarean section, i.

What these philosophers have in common is an emphasis on reformation within Islamic societies. While there, he took an active part in the cultural life of Egypt. You can help by adding to it. Many countries have expelled Syrian ambassadors.

However, the revolt was put down with much bloodshed, and ended in with a massacre in the city of Hama. For this reason, Said’s interpretations were sharply attacked by conservative thinkers.

Jawdat Said

Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. Repression against journalists A world of Khashoggis. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A profile by Bashar Humeid. Some believe that Said’s experience in Egypt, recognizing that what has been between the Authority and the Muslim Brotherhood there is expected to be repeated in Syria.

It was written by Jawdat Said, born in Syria inwho moved to Egypt at a young age to study the Arabic language at Azhar University. In the language of the saod of the Koran, this means a dispute between “naming names” and “creating trouble and spilling blood.

What we condemned is either Science Knowledge so that we must accept or ignorance so we reject. But how does Said explain the other verses of Koran that call the faithful to battle? A change done by God and a change by people. Social media and networks. Said was very influential on jawat new a generation of Syrian non-violence activists including Daraya Youth and Dr Mouhammad Alammar. He was also closely connected to the Islamic movement of that period.


Following this defeat, the movement began seriously entertaining the idea of demilitarization. Wed 9 26 Last update According to Said’s view, the Koran specifies two prerequisites for a legitimate war.

Islam and individual freedom. Now in its fifth edition, the book is still available today.

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Access to power and rule by force and sword is not acceptable in Islam at all. Said jxwdat Cairo for Saudi Arabiawhere he lived almost a year, during which the United Arab Republic by the union between Syria and Egypt came into existence.

Said concludes from this that the Koran challenges people to search for truth in the jadat world and not in the texts of the Koran. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

How many hundreds of thousands of young people are disappointed, or lose confidence in the seriousness of religious subjects, when they are exposed to the truth, because they live an illusion!